Ebook Conversion, Redux

copyright Joshua Vizzacco

As you all know, we tried a while back to do some epubs and gave up. However, the new book (coming out in Oct) has created a bit of a hiccup. In part it’s down to the cover. Adult minds just naturally go in the wrong direction. In part it’s the content. There truly are adult themes, erotic events, and vulgar language contained within, but all perfectly within reason and within context.

Of course, most people simply react to the cover and title, and jump to the wrong conclusion. (We’ll be posting the cover image Oct 1st.)  This is how we ended up having to buckle down and crank out the book and the ebook ourselves.

Was it easy? Not so easy we didn’t want to kill ourselves now and then . . . but we did managed to create the Adobe Digital Edition epub, Amazon mobi file, and B&N Nook epub on our own in about a week. It took that long because as much as everyone says just create an epub and convert it, that isn’t quite true.

So, with the help of Anne-Marie “Her Geekness” Concepción of Lynda.com, Liz  Castro’s Epub Straight to the Point, and a great advanced tutorial from BBebooks, all of whom together we needed (because no one had all the answers, drat) and without each of which we could not have succeeded, we finally approved the ADE proof today. Yeah.

Would we recommend using a professional converter? Yes. If you don’t know much about CSS or hand coding, it’s not that much fun to make an epub. It’s not difficult to learn, but if you simply want to write (or design books), it’s probably better to let a professional ebook maker do that step. They will give you a product that is both beautiful and functional across multiple platforms.

Check out ePub Zen Garden for examples of beautiful ebooks. Not every e-reader is going to be capable of translating a great design, but being able to take advantage of the options you as the author do have at your disposal? Priceless.

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