The Roofs of Tibet

We’ve been reading a lot of ePub-related posts lately. In doing so, we stumbled onto a video by author and designer Craig Mod, which was posted on I Love Typography (one of our fav sites).

We highly recommend everyone interested in ebook and the future of books to take a look. It’s worth the 40 minutes.  But we will tell you up front, it’s a story without an end.

Much as we loved the lecture, we kept coming back to the opening. We wanted to know what happened on the roof in Tibet as a result that might not have happened if the protagonists had been holding ebooks.

Also, we want to put forward our little thought for the future — that someday eReaders will be ultra thin and come with flexible video displays (such as the OLED shown below by Sony — so it’s on them to make this thing work) wrapped to them.

With an OLED wrapped onto an eReader we could display the cover of the book being read (as an option — obviously if the reader didn’t want it displayed, it could be turned off). If this were accomplished, a reader could hold a book in his/her hand that would be paper thin and yet show the cover on the back in a reasonable size.

If the OLED flexible video display could be wrapped onto reader or tablet made with a thin plastic cover protector hinged to it to keep it on the front or fold completely to the back (so in essence it could open like a book), the reader could then have an actual front and back cover, that could still be all books with all covers all the time.

In essence, the reader would be holding a book, that was every book in the world, able to displaying a new cover each time they chose a new book, and therefore retain that shared experience of “You’re reading that too?”

Anyway, that’s our vision. Maybe Craig and Sony can give us a call to discuss it further?

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