And: Even. More. Zombies.

Ok, the title line of this post came directly from a recent TV Guide Fall Preview magazine headline. And, while we love wildly inappropriate use of punctuation, this is simply sad.

Come. On. People.  Please, learn to write a simple sentence.  As you all know, we at FAB are not exactly grammatical sticklers, but this type of usage is completely uncalled for.

“And even more zombies” would have been at least a fragment. Could we have lived with that? Sure.

Want higher impact? Try using font style or font weight variations, as in: And even more ZOMBIES!

With an entire magazine typography department, there are better ways to express the thought than — And: Even. More. Zombies.

The Walking Dead is on AMC. We have never watched the show. But now that we know it has David Morrissey? We just might have to tune in.

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