You Is . . . .

In The Help, one of the lead characters, a maid, tells a neglected child  “You is strong, you is loved, you is important.” It’s an interesting choice of words.

These are self-esteem based words. They are the sort that build up the person internally. The sort of words one needs when the world is forcing an identity on you and you need to push back against that.

It’s interesting to note that this comes from ancient Judaism. There’s a passage where God tells the Israelites: Let the weak say I am strong, . . . .” The upshot here is You is strong (politically powerful), you is rich, you is free, you is well (healthy).

All these words are external. Presumably self-esteem wasn’t an issue? So these are very different than the words one might choose if one already felt strong, loved, and important (ie, had good self-esteem). It shows a certain truth perhaps, that only when one’s internal world is sorted does the external world become maliable.

That being the case, whether your party/candidate/issue won or lost last night, You is . . . still an American, You is . . . still part of the One Nation for which we all stand. And You is . . . still free to grow, change, reinvent, start up, opt out, learn, live, love, dream, hope, do, be, see  . . . . You is, baby. You is! So fly!

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