US Publishers Finally Engage In Black Friday Sales, Finally.

In case you missed out, good deals can still be found on

In case you missed out, good deals can still be found on

In case you missed this news  . . . you can read the Nov 23rd article by Lisa Campbell from The Bookseller (a UK magazine for the publishing industry) below. What’s so shocking is that it’s taken this long for publishers to stake a claim on what has always been a merchandizing high holiday!

Publishers have joined retailers for the first time in offering customers up to 50% off books as part of Black Friday promotions today (23rd November).

“Black Friday” is a US promotional tradition, with retailers offering discounts on the day after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of Christmas shopping.

Penguin is offering customers 50% off books through its website for one day, as a way of highlighting the company’s Christmas titles and to reward fans for engaging with its social media. The promotion has been running for three weeks, beginning with 40% off, then moving to 45% off last week, culminating in today¹s offer of 50% off. A spokesperson said the promotion was “proving quite successful so far”. The publisher’s website has experienced some slowness due to the increased level of traffic.

Osprey is advertising a “25% off everything” offer on its website to mark Black Friday and Bloomsbury is offering customers 25% off titles from its website until 3rd January. On its Twitter feed, Bloomsbury said: “*Christmas Shopping Klaxon* 25% off across Bloomsbury website til 3rd January. Go forth & spread the Christmassy joy.”

Amazon has the promotion displayed prominently on its homepage, leading with a £30 price cut on its Kindle Fire tablet, now offering the device for just £99. The move coincides with rival company Barnes & Noble releasing its Nook tablets in the UK yesterday (22nd November) at various retailers including Foyles and Blackwell’s, priced £129 for the 7-inch model and £229 for the 9-inch model with no adverts.

Amazon’s Black Friday book promotions include “lightning deals”, whereby offers exist on book for a certain amount of time which counts down. Customers are shown a preview of what book is going to be on offer and a time the offer will begin. At 1.15pm, Amazon will be discounting Jamie Oliver’s 15-Minute Meals (Michael Joseph), for example, but will only tell customers by how much when the deal begins.

The Book People is not running a promotion under the theme “Black Friday” but it is offering a “Weekend of Wonder” with “4 Great Deals” from 22nd-26th November. Thursday and Friday it is giving 10% off all orders; Saturday, “Reely Good Multibuys”; Sunday Polar Postage; and Monday Mammoth Sale. To encourage customers to its website, the company says: “Check back every day to see the offers revealed!” is running a Deal of the Week offer, but as part of a more general Christmas promotion on a wide range of products, this week offering Danny Baker’s autobiography for £11.99 with free delivery instead of £18.99.

Waterstones hasn¹t been running Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions, instead choosing to run a “longer lived and rotating promotion” by promoting four books and an item of related product each week in the run-up to Christmas. It is also offering the Kindle Fire at a discount price of £20 off, for £109.

W H Smith is also not running a specifically themed Black Friday promotion but is running a Deal of the Week and featuring the Kobo Mini e-reader heavily on its website, which it is selling for £10 off.

(article copyright 2012, The Bookseller)

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