For Action and Adventure Board “The Enterprise”!


The Australian High Commission, located in the heart of New Delhi, is anything but what it appears.

An ambitious assistant discovers his reputable place of employment is tainted with corruption. What’s more, his boss the Deputy High Commissioner could be involved. Does he pursue the truth, jeopardising his chances of promotion and risk exposing his own secrets, or does he play the game and get ahead?

In a world where appearances are deceiving and people are not who they say they are, one thing can be relied upon to ruin everything: the Truth.

Well, folks it’s happened again! Another great writer has decided to throw the proverbial hat in to the ring of self-publishing! And we say, Huzzah! to that. MJ Cope has long been a favorite around FAB.

You can preview the first 3 chapters of The Enterprise on Amazon. It is available on Kindle for $2.99. (Not yet available on Nook or in print.) And if humor is your thing, try Cope’s Funny Australian Letterboxes. Basically, you can’t get any more odd box, than OZ boxes. (Yes, that is a full-size trash bin under some corragated tin between two telephone-type posts.)


One of the reasons we are so passionate about authors going out on their own these days is that so many great writers go unheard because the publishing “gate keepers” don’t really understand what the public wants to read.  This has long been the case and over the holidays this was brought home to us once again when we chanced upon a telling author John Kennedy Toole’s story.

Toole was the Pulitzer Prize winning author of A Confederacy of Dunces. He began writing at an early age, in his teens. But his famous book was penned in his 20s. Upon finishing his opus, he sent it off to Simon and Schuster where it reached noted editor Robert Gottlieb. Gottlieb considered Toole talented but felt his comic novel was essentially pointless.

Despite several revisions, Gottlieb remained unsatisfied, and after the book was rejected by another literary figure, Hodding Carter Jr., he shelved the novel. Suffering from depression and feelings of self-persecution, Toole left home on a journey around the country. He stopped in Biloxi, Mississippi and ended his life by running a garden hose in from the exhaust of his car to the cabin.

Over a decade later, his mother brought the manuscript of Dunces to the attention of novelist Walker Percy, who ushered the book into print. In 1981, Toole was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. This is what happens time and again; publishing houses don’t recognize real talent. Had Toole been able to publish his own work on Kindle, he might not have killed himself and the world might have many more great works.

Now, we’re not saying MJ Cope’s The Enterprise (or Funny Australian Letterboxes) is going to take a Pulitzer, but we’re pretty sure the public’s going to love it! Do yourself a favor and bust out that new Amazon tablet, grab that Amazon giftcard, and get reading!

MJ Cope formerly had long-running blog on WP ( which we linked to, so many of you know about MJ. Sadly, it was recently deleted and for some reason there was no final post sent out to its subscribers redirecting them to her new blog. We call that “a lost marketing opportunity.” Remember, if you build a following on your blog, you want to keep that following because those folks will be your first buyers, they already like you, and they’ll likely give your book a good review. If you no long wish to use your original blog anymore, NEVER DELETE IT. Instead, make all its posts private except the most recent one. Your one public post should be redirecting your followers (and new folks who stumble onto it) to the new blog you want your readers following.

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