A Tale of Three Titles

Because smart people would prefer to starve and have an overpriced degree?

Over the weekend, the NY Times ran an article by David Leonhardt. It was in the upper right corner of its webpage, so no one could miss it.

The title? Scholarly Poor Often Overlook Better Colleges

In the text blurb below it said:

Most low-income students who have top test scores and grades do not even apply to the nation’s best colleges, which contributes to widening economic inequality, economists say.

The title rather implies the higher achieving academic students, from the lower economic brackets, logically assume they can’t afford a college, so they don’t bother to apply. The blame implied falls squarely on the students who are made out to be too stupid to realize they might get scholarships if they apply.

By the time this link was emailed to another FABulist, the title had changed to

Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor, Study Shows

Now the blame falls squarely on the Better Colleges. They aren’t doing enough to “lure” students, which sounds a bit creepy. Or as if students were again rather stupid, like fish, and need to be lured. Note too, the “Scholarly” poor became merely talented — and this according to a study (so, no bias there).

And as if this wasn’t enough . . . . yes, the title was changed a third time a few minutes later  to

Better Colleges Failing to Lure Poorer Strivers

Now the blame is back on the students, specifically those who don’t strive well. Because everyone knows, if a person is a good striver, they’ll to get into a better college.

Poorer strivers? Really?

After you just said they “have top test scores and grades”? They seem to strive well enough.

Of course, the most amusing part of this constant updating is the link itself, which was never updated and continues to read http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/17/education/scholarly-poor-often-overlook-better-colleges.html.

Speaking of overlooked . . . . .

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