Today is World Press Freedom Day, Hug a Journalist!

Freedom of the Press isn’t Free.

Journalists die for it.

Almost Every Day.


If you live in a country where freedom of the press is taken for granted and the only time you really think about journalists is when there’s a “John King screws up” moment and you hear about it from Jon Stewart on late night tv, lucky you!

So far this year journalists/media workers have been killed at a rate of approx 1.5 a week this year.  If you’d like to hear from the reporters themselves (most working in countries not very press friendly) on the various issues they face and their take on freedom of the press and what hampers it or endangers it, check out UNESCOs videos for WPF Day 2013.

You can read more about the individuals that died and learn more about the issues journalists face and the countries of most danger for journalists at the International News Safety Institute. But here is just the past April’s list

Women reporting war face a whole other set of safety issues, which you can read more about here. AND if you’d like to read a great book on women journalists on the frontlines WHILE supporting INSI’s safety work on behalf of women reporters, pick up a copy of

No Woman’s Land: On the Frontlines with Female Reporters


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