About FAB?

Far Away Books is a small, new American publishing house that specializes in ultra light lit.

By ultra light, we mean it’s light weight when you pick it up — none of this 700-1000 page stuff. Light when you put it down — readers don’t finish crying, frustrated, or depressed. Light in the middle — no gore, no swearing, no smut. And Light all around — most of the world, isn’t godless, or without morals or ethics, most fictional characters shouldn’t be either.

We care a great deal about the publishing, in particular we care about its future, its impact on the environment, and how fairly it treats all its players: authors, publishers, book sellers, readers. We are open to the changing landscape of publishing and we want to be a part of that.

We try to stand up for authors, booksellers, readers and publishers. We believe in copyright, and the rule of law. We embrace a lot of things and people that other publishers and author groups don’t. We are always willing to listen to a good idea and help out if we can.

We don’t believe in sacrificing on the altar of greed. We don’t believe venture capitalism is good business. We don’t believe domination of a market by a few people (who aren’t really interested in it except as a source of money and power) is good for anyone.

Our Dream Sauna!

Our Dream Sauna!

Despite our high standards, we would really like to make enough money to eventually buy a company sauna. This is an example of a really fab sauna. No, no, it’s actually a beautiful art work, called “Skyscape”, by James Turrell, located at the fabulous Henry Art Gallery on the UW campus in Seattle. But our dream is to have a huge sauna like this where the entire company can go to read manuscripts and books and not be bothered by anything but the hiss of steam.

We’ll let you know how we get on!

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