Austen gets her due — and Darwin gets done in


Yes, it’s true. The fortunes of The Pride and Prejudice author will finally turn, so to speak. Jane is to become the next face of the 5 Pound note, probably in 2017. She’ll be replacing Charles Darwin. Romance takes down Science!

As many of you avid readers (and all of you avid writers) know, Jane Austen’s fame did not translate into incredible wealth. That this cheeky miss will now finally have her portrait on all her fellow countrymen’s (and women’s) cash seems a just recompense.

The Bank of England feels Jane fills a void — left by the removal of the only other woman, besides the Queen, on a note. However, with 5 different denominational notes circulating, this means women will continue to occupy only 20% of all notes. Definitely they need one more woman. And how about an historically important member of the non-white immigrant (Ignacio Sancho, Nathaniel Wells) or the GLBT community for a note (Alan Turing, Oscar Wilde)?

While England has much to be proud of, there still seems to be a wee bit of prejudice floating about.


Becoming Darcy

Marcel Theroux in Bath

Becoming Darcy

Bath’s reputation as England’s most romantic city is down to its most celebrated resident – Jane Austen, whose novel Pride & Prejudice turns 200 today.

Guardian journalist Marcel Theroux (above) grabs his garters and take us on a delightful stroll up one of England’s many literary heritage trail.

Donning Mr Darcy’s garb and manners, he attends a Regency ball at the Bath Pump Room. But not before a rigorous workout with a dancing master!

And remember gentlemen, it’s all about those calf muscles!

You can watch his lovely 7 minutes video by clicking above.

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A great post on using WP to move from blog to book!

The Blog

My name is Jared Gulian, and I’m still not entirely sure how I ended up living in paradise.

That’s the first line on the About page of Jared Gulian’s blog, Moon over Martinborough. In Jared’s case, “paradise” is a tiny olive farm in rural New Zealand, the location and inspiration for his upcoming book based on his blog at

We asked Jared about his whirlwind of an experience landing a book deal with Random House New Zealand this summer, and how he’s built his audience using his blog.

How did your book contract come about?

It started with my blog, which is about life on our tiny olive farm. My partner and I are both American city boys, and somehow we ended up living in rural New Zealand with an olive grove. I wanted to write about it, so I created a blog on in 2009.

The blog became popular and won…

View original post 1,012 more words

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Pub Crawling: ePUBbing Your Book the Easy Way

As you know, we at FAB are terrible slackers; we look for the easy way to do everything! That being said, what follows here the most helpful bits of info and videos we’ve culled from our recent ePub Crawl.

Carl Lyman uses Pages to create his epub. You can find a March 2011 tutorial on he did called ePub – creating in Pages on a Mac.m4v, on youtube. Carl talks fast because he really knows what he’s doing so you may have to watch it a few times.  Carl also has his own channel with a couple other epub videos on it.  If you use Pages, you may want to check it out.

Sigil is program that’s free from Google. It’s HTML editor that supports ePub reading and editing, simultaneously. It runs on mac, pc, or linux, so it’s worth a look. The official Sigil site is a little intense.  For the down and dirty how to use Sigil in real life, watch the how to video by Mark Harmon, of  Mark uses Microsoft Expression, too.

Literature and Latte’s Scrivener is a pretty amazing program ($45) for Mac (OS: Tiger or above), but it’s being released in a Windows version soon, in fact Scrivener for Windows is currently in public beta. So maybe try it out.

View the video tutorial to see how Scrivener allows you to write your book, then export it as Amazon Kindle or ePub.  And, yeah, enjoy the British accent!

For InDesign, Mark, of, has a video how to put together an epub from a single file (like we do at FAB!). Again, like Carl, he talks very quickly, but it’s all good info, as is all of what’s on the site (as well as the com site) and you should read it all.

Romanian signs warning motorists to beware of drunks crossing the road -- to get to the other side?

Summing up

We found Mark’s InDesign video most useful, but only because we already own InDesign and our books were in a format that just required adjusting a few parameters to enable export as ePub. We have yet to try it out, but  we believe it will work out to be the best option for us.

For people that don’t want to create files for print books, and that’s probably most of you, Scrivener is probably the better choice. It allows you to create Kindle and ePUBs: $45. Amazing.  If we can’t make Adobe ID work, we’ll go Scrivener. We’ll also be recommending this to authors as their software of choice.

Looking for someone to do your conversion for you? Mark Harmon of, like Joshua Tallent of, is available to take your project.  And don’t forget to check out Joshua’s Kindle Formatting pages if you go it alone.

An interesting post by Amanda Hocking – who sold way over 1 million e books, herself

If you’re over 30, or don’t have teenage kids, your probably don’t know Amanda Hocking. She writes paranormal romance for YA (young adults) — read vampire, werewolf, witch etc, for teenagers.

She’s sold over a million ebooks on Amazon (at 99 cents each) and recently signed a deal with St Martin.  Back on Aug 27, 2010, she wrote a blogpost: “An epic tale on how it all happened.” Everyone that wants to be a writer should read it. It’s brutally honest.

Not only will it teach you how to pick a topic and write a book that will sell (it’s called being on trend),  it will teach you a great deal about how out of sync publishing houses, and literary agents, often are when it comes to the reality of markets and sales. Amanda had publishers calling her to make deals, and still couldn’t get an agent to respond!

In addition, it tells you what you as an author will probably need to do to become known and sell books. And shows you the example on the blog. That is, the blog, the tweeting, etc, etc, etc . . . . Amanda does it all with style and grace.

Don’t be torn about what to do in order to succeed, just do what the crows do.  Find a bird that looks glossy and sleek, who obviously knows how survive and thrive, and follow its lead.

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Stand with Japan, at National Cherry Blossom Festival Week 2011

The Festival invites you to Stand With Japan at the Washington Monument, followed by a walk around the Tidal Basin in the The Festival invites you to Stand With Japan at the Washington Monument, followed by a walk around the Tidal Basin in the spirit of hope and rebuilding.

Beginning at 6:30pm on March 24, people will gather at Sylvan Theater (15th Street and Independence Avenue, SW) before walking the Tidal Basin. All donations received throughout the fundraising effort will go directly to the National Cherry Blossom Festival Red Cross Online Donation Site, directly benefiting the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.

People are encouraged to gather to reflect and participate in the walk around the Tidal Basin, where the cherry blossom trees, gifted to Washington, DC from Tokyo in 1912, have stood the test of time for 99 years. Our relationship with Japan is at the heart of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Festival is uniquely positioned as a natural conduit to unite the millions of people who want to assist and express their support in a show of unity, and the evening of hope and perseverance occurs before the 16-day celebration begins on Saturday, March 26. The Festival’s diverse and creative programming honors the gift of trees each year and the enduring friendship between the two countries.


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Busily working away on a Choice Collection of Rare Secrets

For those of you that follow FAB news, this week we just went to press with Book 3 of the Acascias Riphouse series: A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets. Set at Easter, it’s the perfect spring break read.  So, if you’re looking for something to take on your getaway, or you just want to get away, pick it up at the start of Lent!

It ought to be available shortly in Trade Paperback and Ebook version. And yes, a slight increase in price due to printing costs (more pages, more cost).  We still make on average only a buck a book no matter what format you buy it, or where in the world you buy it.

Buy it, Read it, Tell a Friend!

And if you haven’t read the first two, what are you waiting for!?


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