Wishing you a beautiful close to your Hanukkah!

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Setting Small Goals Is the Key to Sanity in a Big World

A journey is made up of small, faltering steps filled most days with more hope than promise. And that’s okay. To reach your destination, you just have to keep taking the next step, day after day.

This year 2011, one of our next steps will podcasting one of our books. Many of you laugh, but Podcasting for Dummies was on our Christmas wish list and a dear brave soul took pity and bought it for us. We’ve stuffed the book in the bathroom, so everyone has to read it at least once a day.

There’s only so much time in life, we have to pick and choose how we’ll spend it. Podcasting a book in 2011 seemed a doable stop on our journey as publishers. If you read the MLK day post, you know, we’ve already taken the first step. From time to time we’ll let you know how it’s going, but we won’t be making the casts available till at least 3 of the chapters are ready to go.

For those who are interested, we can already state, it’s not going to be a dramatically voiced edition. We have never liked audiobooks that have been play acted out. It’s distracting and makes the story hard to follow. A simple reading is always best, because it sets the imagination of the listener free to do what it will.

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