Mysteries to Die For — RIP

Over the weekend, one our county’s great bookstores called it quits after 19 years. Despite loyal customers, the down economy, rise of ebooks and a growing number of nearby big box stores (including a B&N) made it too difficult to go on.

The store held book signings, did new releases, hosted a monthly book group (which will continue), all the things great stores do, but that couldn’t reverse the current consumer trends.

It’s very sad, but people just don’t seem to realize the value of a bookstore for making friends with similar interests, discovering books they may never have hear of, or meeting authors and hearing them read their own works.

Honestly, facebook, google, and skype can’t compare. Unless you’re stuck on the International Space Station. However, to quote the upbeat Alan Chisholm, former store owner, “Life goes on!”

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Bowls, Books, Babes and Beers

For anyone that missed the Super Bowl as we did, there was a book-related spot

On the plus side, it showed that a group of intelligent, attractive women can read literature (hardbound) and drink beer with neither their femininity nor their intelligence diminished.

On the minus side, it made men who like sports look stupid and loutish, and convinced viewer such traits then worsened (in men) with the consumption of the advertiser’s beer.

InBev, the new owner of Bud, being a Belgian-Brasilian company, is perhaps still more used to writing ads geared toward  European/South American soccer fans — a totally different marketing group.

Probably best to just overlook their first stab at an US Super Bowl ad.

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Love — between the covers

Moving away from the exciting Amazon v Apple contest over publishing for a moment —

We’d like to mention Feb is I Love to Read Month.  This is something every bookstore should be promoting, if not . . . lost opportunity!

For those of you that hardly ever read, this is your moment to show your kids you think reading can be fun.  For big readers, go really big and attempt to complete several books! And for those of you that lack the means to read in the LA basin area . . .

Check out Jane Austen’s Emma from the local library, or download a freebie copy off the web.

LA’s favorite public television station, KCET, is currently doing a new version of Emma on Masterpiece Theatre.

For anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity, it’s brilliantly done, and you can view episode 1 online here.

We almost didn’t watch, thinking “Oh, again?!” But this version is so well executed it has become our all time favorite version. It’s a must see.

As a companion to Emma’s airing, KCET’s created an online Book Club Here, readers can “gather” at set times to to share their thoughts.

Local bookstores should be embracing the idea of online book clubs (via twitter, facebook, and other social media). As well as the cross-marketing, but if you don’t know where to begin or what it should look like, check out what KCET has already created.

And fall in love with reading all over again!

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