Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Now.


No matter what you believe or where you find yourself today — home with family, out with friends, stuck on the road amid strangers, or completely alone and lost in the desert, remember there’s a star to guide to you. Just look up.

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The Christmas Day Reason To Live Giveaway

Tomorrow Onlygoosekindle Dec 25, we’re giving away the Christmas murder mystery book, A Goose Is Cooked (Bk 2), in our Christmas Day Reason To Live Giveaway. The book is part of a series, but it can be read as stand alone also!

Also, post a review of your giveaway book and we’ll send you The Extra Man (Bk 3) as a thank you gift. Yep, we’re that nice at the holidays!

If you’re interested in free ePubs, jump over to the giveaway page for all the juicy details.

Stick around till Dec 31, and join in the fun of the Fiscal Cliff Dive In A New Year Giveaway! The book will be Lily Does Sweden. 

Before You Buy That E-Reader As A Holiday Gift . . .

Here’s the skinny– Over One Third of All eReaders Are Used Just Once Before Being Set Aside and Kindles topped the survey list of unused devices!

A recent poll showed that a third of US ereader owners said they only used their device once before putting it away or selling it.  (A survey conducted in the UK yielded an even more anti-eReader message: nearly half given as Christmas gifts had yet to be opened a month later.)

A group of almost 2,ooo ereader owners, when questioned about average usage

  • 17% used their ereader at least once a week.
  • 29% use it once a day.
  • 35% indicated that they used the device just once — ever.

The survey went on to ask why those owners who only used the ereader once, did so.

  • 57% stated they didn’t have the time to use it; they are too busy.
  •  22% said that they’d received it as a gift and didn’t have a need for it.
  • 25% simply preferred to read actual physical books.

The survey data went on to show that 37% of the regretful ereader owners did not think it was a good buy, and another 29% planned to get rid of their ereader because they used it so rarely.


  1. Only buy an ereader for yourself. It’s a waste of money buying it for someone else. It won’t be used, it won’t be appreciated.
  2. If you plan to buy an ereader for yourself, buy it after Christmas when unhappy owners are unloading them.
  3. If you plan to buy a gift for a reader, the best gift is still a real physical book or a gift card to a bookstore!

(This post was based on an article by Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader that ran Nov 11, 2012. We encourage every would-be gifter to read it!)

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Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!

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Changing lanes. In case you didn’t know, it requires space.


During the holidays it’s easy to fall into old patterns, drive down familiar roads and  . . . get stuck.

So today we thought we’d remind you of one of life’s road rules, if you want to change lanes (or let someone else do so), you need to allow space. Don’t get stuck in your own mental gridlock this year.

Lighten up, space out, and let yourself (and those you thought you knew) change.

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Tangerine Tango . . . or, orange to the rest of us

Yes, every year around this time Pantone breaks out the trendy colour of the new year.  For 2012, it’s Tangerine Tango, Pantone 17- 1463 TCX.

According to Pantone Exec Dir Leatrice Elseman,

There’s the element of encouragement with orange, it’s building on the ideas of courage and action, that we want to move on to better things. I think it would be a disservice to go with a relaxed, soothing color now.

Frankly, we find this Tangerine Tango way more exciting. And a very nice on trend gift for anyone on your list that’s into gardening!


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Wishing you Peace, Comfort, and Joy!


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