What are you doing here?



It was a tight race, but Gina got the dyed egg in a spoon across the office and back ahead of Oswaldo.

JS wasn’t actually third. He was on that box because he saw a spider in his cubicle and wouldn’t get down till one of the ladies dispatched it. He grabbed the medal for spider-protective purposes only.

Now, down from those boxes, peeps, and head on home!

Off you go, too, readers!

Enjoy your Passover or Easter!

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The Papal Betting Pool


There’s probably some special Hell for people who bet on papal races, but we all know they have to have a Pope by Easter to say the Mass, and well, have items to sell to the influx of pilgrims (tacky but true). The top pick around the office is Joao Braz de Aviz, or anyone with black hair (ie, not so old he doesn’t tweet).

Braz de Aviz is 65 (and has black hair). There are younger Cardinals, age 53 is the baby of the group. Almost all the Cardinals were appointed by Benedict XVI or John Paul II. The two eldest were appointed by Paul VI.

Braz de Aviz also has some PR virtues. Young(ish), gives off the warm fuzzy vibe, but dedicated to the traditional Church and the poor. He’s also from Brazil. That makes him 3rd world, and yet kind of European. He also has an interesting history — he’s been shot in an armed robbery. And an interesting background, he’s not of a religious order, but a keen supporter of religious orders.

In the face of the Church’s recent history, they really need to back away from elderly, lily white, European guys. But they probably aren’t ready to choose an Asian or African pope (although there was an African pope  in the Church’s ancient history). And so, enter the Braz de Aviz.

Of course the only individual we’re expecting to see on our balcony on Easter morning . . . .


Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. What? Another elderly white guy?

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Gearing up for the big day, by reading a good book

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This is the time of year that all good Christians go Green, Palm Green

This Sunday was Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week,

and tomorrow is the start of Passover,

so don’t expect much this week!

See you all after Easter Monday!


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Busily working away on a Choice Collection of Rare Secrets

For those of you that follow FAB news, this week we just went to press with Book 3 of the Acascias Riphouse series: A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets. Set at Easter, it’s the perfect spring break read.  So, if you’re looking for something to take on your getaway, or you just want to get away, pick it up at the start of Lent!

It ought to be available shortly in Trade Paperback and Ebook version. And yes, a slight increase in price due to printing costs (more pages, more cost).  We still make on average only a buck a book no matter what format you buy it, or where in the world you buy it.

Buy it, Read it, Tell a Friend!

And if you haven’t read the first two, what are you waiting for!?


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