Fiscal Cliff Dive Into A New Year Giveaway

Tomorrow Only


Dec 31, we’re giving away the adult romcom murder mystery book, Lily Does Sweden, in our Fiscal Cliff Dive Into A New Year Giveaway.

Also, post a review of your giveaway book and we’ll send you The Extra Man (Bk 3) as a thank you gift. Yep, we’re that nice at the holidays!

If you’re interested in free ePubs, jump over to the giveaway page for all the juicy details.

The Christmas Day Reason To Live Giveaway

Tomorrow Onlygoosekindle Dec 25, we’re giving away the Christmas murder mystery book, A Goose Is Cooked (Bk 2), in our Christmas Day Reason To Live Giveaway. The book is part of a series, but it can be read as stand alone also!

Also, post a review of your giveaway book and we’ll send you The Extra Man (Bk 3) as a thank you gift. Yep, we’re that nice at the holidays!

If you’re interested in free ePubs, jump over to the giveaway page for all the juicy details.

Stick around till Dec 31, and join in the fun of the Fiscal Cliff Dive In A New Year Giveaway! The book will be Lily Does Sweden. 

The Apocalyptic Solstice Giveaway

Tomorrow Only
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This year were giving away 4 different ePUBs as a way of saying thanks to all.

Friday, we’re kicking off with the Apocalpytic Solstice Giveaway on Dec 21st. The book will be A Seat At The Feast (Bk 1).

On Dec 25, we’ll be giving away a Christmas book, A Goose Is Cooked (Bk 2), in our Christmas Reason To Live Giveaway.

On Dec 31, the Fiscal Cliff Dive In A New Year Giveaway book will be Lily Does Sweden.

Plus, we’ll send you as a thank you The Extra Man (Bk 3), if you post a review of one of the giveaway books by Jan 15.

If you’re interested in any or all of these free ePubs, jump over to the giveaway page for the juicy details.

Is this cover really so bad it should be banned from display?

This is the cover of the new book, out today . . . at least in eBook format.

We believe a cover and title should tell the reader what to expect from a book, and this cover and title do just that. If you read Lily Does Sweden, you will definitely agree we were 100% what you see is what you get.

Of course, what you see depends on you, just as what culture you come from slants how you see another culture you may visit.* That’s why, on the cover of the hard copy, we add “A cross-cultural (mis-)adventure.”

Trade Paperback cover

As for the book content, we’re honest about that too. It’s a departure for FAB in that it does have mature themes, a couple erotic escapades, and some frank language. But that being said, the 314-page book (in 6 x 9 format) is primarily a travel adventure mystery/romantic comedy set in Sweden about the perils of thinking you understand something you really don’t — such as another person’s culture.

For those of you who have never been to Sweden, it’s very different from other first-world Western countries. This book draws on American vs Swedish cross-cultural disconnects to produce a story that’s both a good read and humorously informative.

Yes, it’s got erotic escapades. But if you find non-violent, non-sadomasochistic intimacy between two unattached, unmarried, non-religious people of the same race so bad or so controversial you want to ban this book or its cover, you may want to move to a repressive country in the Middle East.

Lily Does Sweden is already up for sale digitally ($1.99) through Amazon (click here for Kindle), although they don’t have a spot for the physical book yet.

Although we sent Lily Does Sweden to Barnes and Noble for a Nook edition, Sept 24th, they are still processing it. We’re not sure why. However, Barnes and Noble has a place holder for the physical book as a pre-order, so . . . apparently they’re willing to sell it.

Lily Does Sweden is also available through third-party ePUB retailers that sell Adobe Digital Editions ePUBs.

The print version ($14.99 retail, but about $10.70 through B&N) went to LSI on the 18th of Sept and is also taking an unusually long time to set up. Again, we’re not sure why; however, we have sent an email asking for information. They recently upgraded their computer system and perhaps lost some files or got behind as a result. We’ll keep you posted.

If you’d like to voice your opinion about the cover . . . .

*{When you look at the cover, what do you see? Two naked people? Or two people in bathing suits (which you can’t discern)? Two friends just horsing around? Or two lovers having sex?}

How the ePub thing ended up . . .Or, in and out of Wonderland.

Ok, here’s how the whole ePub adventure ended up.

While it’s always nice to do things in house, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to pay for an outside conversion.  These times include, when doing it in house is adding an undue burden on the health/safety of yourself or others, or when the hours used cost more than the money spent.

At the end of the day, we have so many projects on right now, doing the ePub conversion in-house was going to cost more than shipping it out to

Could we have done it in house? Yes.  And we do plan to, in the future. As we got stuck into the process, we quickly realize we could do it. It wasn’t rocket science, or even . . . theoretical physics.

The various web resources available through (and other websites) and books, such as Elizabeth Castro’s, EPub straight to the point, and software, such as Scrivener, all make doing a conversion quick, easy, and within anyone’s grasp.

The only thing you really need to create an ePub (& Kindle) is a PC or Mac with the right OS and enough memory to begin with. Throw on Scrivener for $45 and your there.

Given the average novel conversion runs about $100- $150, even if you bought a brand new computer just for this purpose (making ePUBs/kindles), after producing 3 or 4 books yourself, you’d have  spent only the money you would have spent paying someone else to do it, but you’d still have the ability to infinitely make books, or rework and update or correct the books you’d already made.

In short, you’d be crazy to pay someone to convert your book unless you want to insure a very professional look on the order of your PDF for your print manufacturer, feel that the content of the book is too graphic heavy and you’re afraid to tackle it (but you’ll pay for that too), are extremely pressed for time and by this we mean someone is paying you more for the time you’ll spend doing the conversion than you’ll spend on the conversion, or you are suffering health issues.

Another issue too is wait time. Quality conversion services are generally backed up.  ebookarchitects is running 13-14 weeks.  In other words, 4 months.  Some people just don’t want to wait that long. And in most cases, for simple text conversions, you don’t have to, if you’re willing to do it yourself.

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Epub, the saga continues

Just FYI, we are reading Elizabeth Castro’s very helpful book on ePub — reading it, as in, it’s printed.  Lots of good instruction, especially if you already use InDesign or Word.

We are looking forward to trying some of this stuff out shortly, but we’re having a bit of an issue with floaters, time crunch, and a death penalty thing.* So, sorry for the delayed post.

*If you live in California and are a registered voter, there is currently a petition being circulated to repeal the death penalty (based on cost effectiveness). If you’re interested in seeing this on the ballot in November, sign the blue petition when you see it on a table.

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ePubs, straight to the point, but the most circuitous route

EPUB Straight to the Point - Creating ebooks for Apple's iPad and other ereaders

Ok, so we’re giving the ePub of Adobe one more stab. We’re going to try the book by Elizabeth Castro.  The ePubs come out, but they have some quirky issues and they won’t validate. Argh!

To be honest, making a file that will work on a reader or iPad or other device isn’t all that hard. It’s just a bit time consuming to  make sure it’s done right.

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