Breaking up with your homepage

We are not sure why, but we seem to have lost the Freshly Pressed page that used to be our home page (and a  great  subtle reminder to blog).

It’s really hard. We loved logging on and seeing the colorful daily round up, the best and brightest, the weird and the wild, the touching and the touchy. We got used to the World of WordPress being there, a part of our world. But now, we have to break it off.

Don’t get us wrong, people grow and change. The new home page probably works for wordpress. But for us, it’s a series of rather grim grey and black adverts that keep whipping by in such a way as to cause everyone anxiety.

So, like any relationship where two people (or entities) grow apart, we have to break up with our home page. Sniffle, sob.

We’re hoping to find the old Freshly Pressed page somewhere, at some point,  but we’ve already invested time looking for it, couldn’t find it, and given up. Sometimes, you just have to let go.

At this point, it’s simply  more time effective and less stressful to make our homepage and keep checking back. There seems to be some weird stuff going on at WP, but we’ll keep blogging, when we think of it.

(UPDATE: You can still find Freshly Pressed,!/fresh/, but you may have to be logged in to your WP account and access it through your dashboard. We’re not sure if it’s an independent link).

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Our favorite off the charts, over the top, why’d you do it, son?, rule-breaking Freshly Pressed post of 2010 has to go to …

Every year we look for a Freshly Pressed post that leaves us gobsmacked.  Because Freshly Pressed posts are  generally the pick of the litter, the one we’re looking for is the runt. Everybody loves the runt, so this isn’t an exercise in cruelty, it’s simply an example of how far off the beaten path can you go and still end up Freshly Pressed.

Now, for those of you wondering about our award . . . it goes to a post appearing the week of Dec 20th. We won’t name the blog, because this is about Freshly Pressed making a wacky choice, but we will tell you this adorable runt . . .

  1. is a photo blog that contains no photos,
  2. has virtually no other posts for the entire year it’s existed,
  3. has no content of any kind,
  4. can’t possibly be followed,
  5. has no tags,
  6. has a 1-word uncompelling headline, and
  7. could be said to feature “bad stuff.”

Our cute little runt was totally fine playing in its own yard. It is, after all, an in-house thank you post made to immediate coworkers and friends. Then someone let the dogs out, and Freshly Pressed it to the general public. Once Pressed, this cute enthusiastic little guy came off as an annoying shameless advertorial for a media site owned by the “blogger.”

The lesson here is anything you write, no matter how seemingly unlikely to be selected, might be Freshly Pressed. So before you hit “publish” ask: Is this really a post for the general public?

If the answer is no, don’t do it. You (and your company) could end up in the dog house, even though the fault was not your playful pup, but that he was set free on Freshly Pressed.

P.S. Runt, is a great read by Marion Dane Bauer (2004), click through to buy a copy for your child, or inner child!

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Is your resolution for 2011 being Freshly Pressed? We thought so

Ok, we admit it. We do read through a few Freshly Pressed items a day.  Talented writers are everywhere and we love to read, enough said?

For anyone yearning to be Freshly Pressed in 2011, and that’s a worthy goal, there is a 5-point list of tips by Joy Victory of WordPress (April 2010) called

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

It’s definitely worth reading through in its entirety, but to recap the highlights of Joy’s advice here:

1. Write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.

2. Include images or other visuals.

3. Add tags.

4. Cap off your post with a compelling headline.

5. Aim for typo-free content.

The tips are interesting and possibly helpful.  But if you follow Freshly Pressed daily and decide to read Joy’s post, be prepared for a certain level of shock. The last few months or so, posts ignoring all these tips (even the one about typos) are ending up Freshly Pressed almost daily. More about that Friday.

Meanwhile, just write what you’re passionate about, in your own style. It may not impress Freshly Pressed, but writing to get noticed is not the quickest way to become a good writer, or a happy one.

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