Breaking up with your homepage

We are not sure why, but we seem to have lost the Freshly Pressed page that used to be our home page (and a  great  subtle reminder to blog).

It’s really hard. We loved logging on and seeing the colorful daily round up, the best and brightest, the weird and the wild, the touching and the touchy. We got used to the World of WordPress being there, a part of our world. But now, we have to break it off.

Don’t get us wrong, people grow and change. The new home page probably works for wordpress. But for us, it’s a series of rather grim grey and black adverts that keep whipping by in such a way as to cause everyone anxiety.

So, like any relationship where two people (or entities) grow apart, we have to break up with our home page. Sniffle, sob.

We’re hoping to find the old Freshly Pressed page somewhere, at some point,  but we’ve already invested time looking for it, couldn’t find it, and given up. Sometimes, you just have to let go.

At this point, it’s simply  more time effective and less stressful to make our homepage and keep checking back. There seems to be some weird stuff going on at WP, but we’ll keep blogging, when we think of it.

(UPDATE: You can still find Freshly Pressed,!/fresh/, but you may have to be logged in to your WP account and access it through your dashboard. We’re not sure if it’s an independent link).

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