Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Now.


No matter what you believe or where you find yourself today — home with family, out with friends, stuck on the road amid strangers, or completely alone and lost in the desert, remember there’s a star to guide to you. Just look up.

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Changing lanes. In case you didn’t know, it requires space.


During the holidays it’s easy to fall into old patterns, drive down familiar roads and  . . . get stuck.

So today we thought we’d remind you of one of life’s road rules, if you want to change lanes (or let someone else do so), you need to allow space. Don’t get stuck in your own mental gridlock this year.

Lighten up, space out, and let yourself (and those you thought you knew) change.

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The block calendar . . . a little hope for today?

For those of you seeking an uplifting block calendar, look no further than the new Hope for Today calendar put out by the Osteens

It does have an unabashedly Christian upbeat bent, but . . . who doesn’t need upbeat these days?  The calendar is a bit difficult to get since so many people enjoy the Osteens minstry, but  try Amazon, Sam’s, or Walmart.

And not to worry, they will all be restocking soon.

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Not many kids who played tuba in band,

— learning their parts only by ear,

because they couldn’t read music —

would dream of going to another country,

where he/she didn’t speak the language,

to attend a famous conservatory,

in order to become a composer.


Aram Khachaturian

didn’t let any of his circumstances bother him.

People, of all ages, need to reserve to themselves the right to dream, to learn, to become. At first it may seem as if you’re just masquerading as that which you wish to become, but every role in life starts with just trying on the clothes.

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