Congrats! Barbara Freethy sells 1 million NOOK Books through PubIt!

Over 4 weeks stuck in PubIt! processing mode!

New York, New York – October 18, 2012 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, today announced that Barbara Freethy has sold 1 million NOOK Books through its self-publishing platform PubIt! ( Freethy, the award-winning author of popular titles Summer Secrets and When Wishes Collide, has self-published 17 of her backlist titles and three original eBooks on PubIt!, with 11 of those eBooks appearing on The New York Times bestseller list.

“What’s exciting to me about PubIt! is the ability to find a whole new readership through eBooks,” said Barbara Freethy. “PubIt! is so easy to use and there are great merchandising opportunities. I like having my self-published eBooks treated as if they were published by a traditional publisher in New York.”

*Fair Warning! This is great news for other authors only if PubIt! actually gets their books out of the “Processing” stage 24-72 hours after they are uploaded and puts them on sale.

There are literally hundreds of authors right now whose works have been stuck for weeks (even 6 or more weeks) in PubIt! “processing” mode. They can do nothing about it — not even cancel it out. They receive no responses to their repeated requests for help and no continual updates from support from PubIt about what the cause might be and how it can be addressed.

Although PubIt!’s claim to make your books available in 24-72 hours has been true in the past and PubIt! is a great company, PubIt!’s been a crap shoot the last year or so. They’ve had this exact same “stuck in processing” issue happen multiple times this year and it still isn’t fixed.

The Reality? If your plan is to sell e-books for the Christmas holiday rush, please make sure you upload your work FIRST to Amazon KDP for Kindle and all the other eBook retailers. It’s the only way you can be sure of hitting the release date you’ve already stated on various releases and media platforms and capturing the sales you’ve worked so hard to generate.

“Barbara has been tremendously successful at leveraging the power of PubIt! to reach the vast audience of NOOK eBook readers,” said Theresa Horner, Vice President of Digital Content at Barnes & Noble. “We would like to congratulate her on reaching this incredible milestone and we hope that her success inspires other talented writers to bring their work to PubIt! and Barnes & Noble.”

Freethy, who has had 20 titles make the Barnes & Top 100 list, plans to continue her self-publishing success with a new series called The Callaways, a story about a family of brave firefighters and police officers whose lives are complicated by family secrets and life-changing love. Throughout The Callaways series each family member will face a moral dilemma and the question of whether to protect the community, the family or themselves. The Callaways will be available on NOOK at the end of 2012.

PubIt! is Barnes & Noble’s easy-to-use platform for independent publishers and authors to digitally distribute their works across all Barnes & Noble platforms. With clear and competitive terms – and no hidden fees – the self-service online PubIt! portal provides qualified content owners a simple and profitable way to publish and distribute their works across Barnes & Noble’s entire line of NOOK® devices, including the recently announced NOOK® HD and NOOK® HD+. PubIt! titles can also be discovered and read through a range of free NOOK reading apps, available for iPad™, iPhone®, Android, Mac® and PC.

More information on PubIt! can be found at

Stuck in Barnes & Noble’s PubIt! Processing Hell? This way out!


As you may recall, we ran into some issues with Barnes & Noble selling the Nook version of our new book Lily Does Sweden. Notably the B&N stated “24-72 hour” processing time to put the book on sale extended to . . . one week, two weeks, three weeks . . .  and counting.


At first we thought it might be the content. However, after a bit of a research, turns out a lot of people were having their books stuck in processing limbo for weeks on end.  Not something B&N really wants the world to know, so not something they posted prominently.

The recommendation from B&N on the Support Boards was simply to go in and redo the setup and upload of the title as if it were a brand new book.  According to a few people, who have had success with redoing the title, the redo seem to make the B&N system kick the first version out for sale.

We know. So weird!

Lily Does Sweden was “redone” today. (No, we never stop working!) So, with any luck, it will be up for sale as a Nook this coming week. We’ll keep you all posted as to whether this method really works or not.


In the meanwhile, if you’re on Goodreads, sign up for the Lily Does Sweden book giveaway. We’re giving away two autographed and personally inscribed trade paperback copies this month. There you can also download and read the first two chapters of the book.

Or, drop over to Indra’s WP site A Seat At The Feast and check out the TOC and the first chapter, which is on the Lily Does Sweden Page. If you like what you read, $1.99 on Nook, Kindle, or other epub retailers. Trade paperback ($14.99) is already available on B&N and Amazon as well as other retailers.