Please, America, Don’t Be “That Guy.”

Tour de France concludes in Paris

Okay, normally we’d just “let it go” at end of a Tour de France, but hey, 2012 London, next stop.  So now is the time — America!!! — to improve our nation’s image in the eyes of the world.

We are going to just tell the truth in love, okay?

The Tour De France is the most popular sporting competition televised. It’s watch by more people in the world than any other sport, every year. Only World Cup soccer and the Olympics get somewhat close viewership stats and they only happen every 4 years! So Tour de France? Important!!

When a rider wins a title at the Tour,  be it King of the Mountains, Best Sprinter, Best Young Rider, or Tour Winner, it’s important. So important that typically some high-up personage, such as an ambassador from the winning rider’s country, shows up to give that rider his award.

The above picture is rider Tejay van Garderen being given Best Young Rider  (aka white jersey) of the tour. And our nation’s representative who is bottom left on the podium and has just given Tejay his crowning achievement? Yeah, that guy in the trainers, baggy shorts and awful t-shirt.

It’s absolutely an insult to the Tour, to Tejay, to the sport of cycling, to France, that this representative of America showed up on the podium as if he was going to a backyard birthday party for his 3 year old.

Every other person on that platform showed up in a manner as befitted the occasion (if not the climate) and that showed respect for the rider. Full make up, jewelry, high heels even! Every other presenter representing a winner’s nation (Wiggins) Britain, (Sagan) Slovakia, (Voeckler) France, wore a suit and tie. America’s representative? OMG?!

Please, please,  at the Olympics, for the sake of any American athletes that do perchance win, if you are asked to hand out a medal or pose on a podium don’t insult your athletes victory, or the Games, or the host country, or  (further) decrease the world’s opinion of Americans by dressing like “that guy.”

(And “That Guy” is probably an incredibly sweet guy who meant well, but  when the rider who just pedaled 120k in 90 degree heat looks better pulled together? Come on.)

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That’s right, we’re in Tour mode

For those of you who are familiar with FAB, we are Tour de France junkies.  There is nothing more thrilling than Le Tour! Oddly, none of us ride bikes.

But we do all like sweaty hot men in spandex, Bobke, the great commercials (Ride ID, and Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry Lingo Cops!), Clean Bottle’s mascot, and seeing the beautiful country of France.  Order of preference depends on who you ask.

The great thing about the Tour is you never know what will happen, or when it will happen. The thrills, the spills, the . . . pills. Yeah, even on a “rest” day you can wake up to find another Tour bombshell has gone off. 

Today it was Remy Di Gregorio, a French member of the Cofidis professional cycling team (a French team). The guy is currently participating in the tour, 35th overall, with a great time trial yesterday (now we know why), but was arrested for doping. Uh . . . wow.

All we can say is Vive Le Tour!

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Office Zombies, sorry we’ve been up in the wee hours watching the Tour de France

Ok, lately we’ve spent our early mornings (5 AM -9 AM) glued to the Tour de France. Deal with it. Usually we just watch the last 10 days or so because they’re in the high mountains and that’s where the real make or break riding happens. But this year we thought, what the heck, we’ll watch it all, and we’ll even put together a fantasy team.

Although the TDF has changed over the years, it’s still the best cycling race on the planet with all manner of thrills, spills, and chills, and this year has proved no exception. Of our original 15 man team, we lost 4 riders (Horner, Wiggins, Van De Walle, Louder) in the first 8 days, mostly to injury crashes. And the Tour has lost overall many of the podium-favored national road race champions. That’s pretty unheard of.

Gustave Garrigou, France, Winner of the Tour de France 1911

Don’t really know too much about the tour? Check out the Dummies Tour de France. It’ll get you up to speed and over the mountains with a few thrills and chills, but no spills, unless you want to count the champagne* flying out of your glass as you cheer your champion of choice across a stage finish line!

FAB’s  Remaining Fantasy Cycling Team –

The Century Club:

Thor Hushovd (NOR)

Sebastian Lang (GER)

Ryder Hesjedal (CANADA)

Geraint Thomas (UK) David Millar  (UK)

Thomas Voeckler (FRA) Hubert Dupont (FRA)

Mark Renshaw (AUSSIE) Cadel Evans (AUSSIE)

Levi Leipheimer (USA) George Hincapie (USA)

Riders Retired from the Race

Jurgen Van De Walle (BEL)  Jeffry Louder (USA)  Bradley Wiggins (UK)  Chris Horner (USA)

*FAB in no way endorses early morning or pre-office-hours drinking, hence we will observing TDF work hours  (1PM – 6PM) till the Tour finishes.

Happy Birthday, Olivia! Or Joyeux anniversaire since you’re living in France you lucky gal and able to watch the Tour de France!

Happy 95th Birthday to Olivia de Havilland,

without whom Errol Flynn and adventure films would have been nothing much!

If you’re interested in her autobiography, it still hasn’t come out, but there is Sisters: The Story of Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine. If you think you and your sister had issues . . . . Wow!

By Charles Higham.

If you’re interested in the Tour de France, so are we!  Let the thrills and spills and mountain chills begin. And ok, the pure wackiness.

 This year we’ll rooting for  . . . .

Cadel Evans to win!

Best Sprinter: Manx Missile Mark Cavendish!

World Road Champion Thor Hushvod to take the Time Trial. (7/3/11 Thank you Thor!)

some great riding from Geraint Thomas and Bradley Wiggins

and up on the mountains, we think we’ll see our intrepid, enduring American Musketters: Chris Horner, George Hincapie, & Levi Leipheimer

Want to enter the Versus fantasy cycling challenge and win a trip to next year’s Tour? We did.

You can go the Traveler’s Insurance, Fantasy Cycling Challenge and enter your team  to win, and also chek up on how we’re doing with our team: Century Club!

We wanted Mark Cavendish, but he was just too expensive for our $500 budget and while we love, love, love Mark and feel he will win a few stages, we don’t think he can take the Tour.  Also, while we expect a great challenge from the Brothers Schleck, particularly Frank, we think Andy is going home a bridesmaid this year (but will win in 2012).

FAB’s Fantasy Cycling Team —

The Century Club:

Thor Hushovd (NOR)

Sebastian Lang (GER)

Ryder Hesjedal (CANADA)

Jurgen Van De Walle (BEL)

Mark Renshaw (AUSSIE) Cadel Evans (AUSSIE)

Thomas Voeckler (FRA) Hubert Dupont (FRA)

Bradley Wiggins (UK) Geraint Thomas (UK) David Millar  (UK)

Levi Leipheimer (USA) Chris Horner (USA) Jeffry Louder (USA) George Hincapie (USA)

We’ve no idea why 10 of our 15 riders turned out to be from English-speaking countries.
We based our picks our age of riders, height/weight of riders, musicality of the name, experience, and drive.

We’re a bit embarrassed we picked Mark Renshaw after last year’s head butting incident, however we feel he’s a great lead out guy whose learned his lesson and coming off a 2010 season that was bogged down by Barr-Epstein, and a TDF disqualification, he’s probably way hungry for wins and likely to be crossing the finish lines close to the front every time.