The start of advent . . . the adventure begins or gets lost in translation, your pick.

Well for those of you out in the pews, and you know who you are, a long-awaited translation was released this weekend:  A new version of the Mass.  Reactions were mixed, as was to be expected. But if changing a few words is all it takes to shipwreck your faith in Christ or your church? You might want to check out another faith or another church.

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Local Lad makes good

Roland Frieshlad is a local man who recently translated the poetic German children’s tale (no pun intended) Haschenschule by Albert SixtusFritz Koch-Gotha into English.


Rabbit School is one of those books young children will love and remember well into adulthood.  It’s beautiful pictures by Koch-Gotha, and memorable rhymes by Sixtus,  now made accessible by Frieshlad:

Almost seven! Don’t delay! Each one’s backpack, dark or pale, Bounces o’er a bunny tail.

make this a sure to please Christmas present for 4 and ups.

The story is simple. It’s the first day of school for two young bunnies living in the deep in the woods. A beloved old schoolteacher teaches them everything a good rabbit should know, including how to avoid the dangerous red fox who lurks in the forest.

First published in 1924, the book’s been a classic in German ever since.  It’s still in print in fact.  Sweden, Italy, and Rome (yes, there’s a Latin version!), have all enjoyed this little book. But now for the first time, it’s available in English — thanks to one Ventura dad that loved it so much, he translated it for his son (in 1996) back when he was in kindergarden.

It’s the best kind of book, loved by generations!  Start a new tradition this Christmas, give a great old book, that’s new to Americans!

Available everywhere, it’s the product of Godine. HB $14.99  ISBN 1567923836

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