Encouraging Success Stories about women who have conquered the Recession and done it their way

So, we’ve talked about a lot of things this past month, mostly publishing related, but today we link you up to a few stories of real women (all local to our county) who took small ideas and turned them into thriving businesses (s0me home based, some not) despite these tough economic times.  We hope what you take away from this is that there is room for you and your small business, whatever that is, including publishing books.

Christie McCruden bought a necklace 3 years ago, and liked it so much she decided to make some herself.  She taught herself what she needed to know. She works from home, part-time, and does about 30 orders a week. All orders come in through word of mouth. She started with 10-12 orders a week, but once her work appeared on The Bachelorette, things picked up. Customers can order a custom-made necklace at www.qhandmade.com. Prices range from $80 to $425.

Two years ago, Jemma Wildermuth wanted to go back to work and after a trip to the local museum, decided to clean out her garage and turn it into an eco-responsible walk-in  art studio anyone could come and rent for an hour or two.  Create Studio has now moved into a commercial space.  For $12 you can spend 2 hrs at Create Studio, all materials provided, creating art from the heart whether you’re 4 or 104.  And, it’s an idea that franchiseable!

For more stories, you can visit the VC Star website article by clicking on the link above, but we think this is enough to get you thinking. Yes, there is a recession, it may even be a depression, but there are still businesses you can start, on your own, without much start up , or talent, or real business acumen, and make them work.  The key ingredient to success is you, doing something you’re passionate about, something you enjoy.  Maybe that’s writing.  Maybe that’s surfing. Maybe it’s turning your suburban home into a sustainable farm. Maybe that’s . . . . you tell us.

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