Get your spoons ready, we’re heading into World Nutella Day 2011

Let’s face it, every organization runs on something: Power, money, reputation, personality, booze, coffee, drugs, faith, gasoline . . . .

We run on Nutella, at least on Fridays.  Nutella is the aqua vita of our little band of merry men (and women and cats) and we’re not ashamed to say it.

Frankly, a jar of Nutella may even be the favorite fuel of  Hugh Jackman these days. Really.

Tomorrow is World Nutella Day, and thank goodness an extra day to eat Nutella on, because if we had to stop and think about the Super Bowl, we’d probably pass out from excitement. Although, we think we better lay off the Nutella next week or some of us really will be the size of Packers!

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